Meet Kristin Faus, Founder of Ascension House Wellness

   Kristin is a gifted healer and Massage Therapist.  She lives in the hills of Creswell, OR in a small clearing surrounded by the towering Douglas Fir giants of the PNW.  She and her daughter Indigo, two cats and a Texas Heeler named Mia spend most of their time outdoors, in the garden and on the farm where their future honeybees, chickens and small herd of milk-goats live. 


   Fresh out of Massage School, her talent has already inspired many enthusiastic followers as she gratefully fulfills her calling of service.


    "I've always loved working with my hands.  I'm an artist/ builder/ engineer / farmer/ yogi/ mother/ medicine woman at heart. "Strong like Lumber-jack"  but intuitive and nurturing. Balanced divine feminine and masculine.  Put all these together and you apparently get an outstanding massage therapist!  The engineer in me can intuitively sense how forms should work together to build an efficient system, and finds it fascinating as hell.  The builder/athlete in me knows how to safely and effectively apply strength, and the yogi in me knows that patience is key.  I can gently and compassionately observe and intuit what a body is asking for, and at the same time, not shrink from the hard work it sometimes takes.

    I like to joke that All my parents (doesn't everybody have more than two?) are in the medical field, so I suppose you could say I come from a family of healers.  The body was never a mystery to me.  My mom treated our minor ailments at home, helping me to understand symptoms and the body's reactions. She also was our family's farm veterinarian. She is a brilliant medicine woman.  My dad started seeing a chiropractor when he was suffering from a herniated disc, and started teaching us massage, alignment techniques, and body mechanics.  He is a devoted athlete, and gave me the gift of a wholesome discipline. All these things were second nature to me. 

The body talks, and we respond. It tells us what it needs!

"90% of healing is attention"
-Rev. Liliana Barzola

So, I was physically in shape, but by the time I reached my early thirties, life had taken a toll on me energetically, and my body was screaming at me in the form of pain and self-sabotaging behavior.  I sought out an energetic counselor,  who also taught intuitive development.

   Rev. Liliana Barzola was my teacher then for many years.  The mysteries of the subtle body were all just as fascinating to me as those of the physical body. And energy healing came naturally, and made sense to me. I discovered that various little traumas had stored themselves in my body, which was hard at work still trying to protect me! It didn't know the danger had passed, and so I had to teach it and remind it that it was safe by clearing this muscle memory and bringing in ease. Of course it's a work in progress...  Life (thankfully) keeps happening!

  As it turns out, the energy body speaks too... often through the physical body.  Because, have you heard?'s allllll connected.  Now, the light worker in me knows that many things which manifest physically are actually messages from our higher selves trying to communicate with us when we can't hear them in other ways. And when we listen, and bring our attention to them, through focus and intention, they shift... like magic. Like Rev. Liliana says, "90% of healing is attention."... or seeing... But I'm far too practical to set up shop with a crystal ball. So instead I use my hands to see, and soothe, and bring attention to the body's communication... Restoring and reminding bodies of their rightful state of well-being, and raising people's awareness, to assist their ascension into a higher state of being.

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L.M.T, L.W. (light worker)