Facilitating the integration of health and well-being into the physical body through massage and energy alignment
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Hello, and Welcome!

While the actual, physical Ascension House is literally under construction, we'll just say the "ascension house" is your body.... (it is). 


I'll be offering mobile massage in the Eugene/Springfield and Portland area.  If you're not able to host our session at your location, please contact me about setting up alternative arrangements.



  • Swedish Massage (full body relaxation), but from a Norwegian... (me).

    donation only
  • Are you so active you could use a rubdown like you see at the races??

    donation only
  • This is where I channel my strong, inner German woman.

    donation only
  • Fascia emits light. This is literally light body massage.

    donation only
"This was honestly the best massage I've ever had.  So appreciative of the pacing, focus areas and communication."

"Loved the massage.  You are definitely meant to be a massage therapist. Thanks for checking in about pressure.  Thank you so, so much!!!"

"Kristin is a true healer... excellent at following the muscle and it's tension."

"You are so skilled.  This was the most theraputic massage I have ever had.  I appreciate your thoroughness, and the fact that you asked about my health and how you could help."

"Kristin gave me the GREATEST student massage I've ever had here! She's fantastic.  And very, very professional.  I'll be back soon!!"

"Kristin has the hands of an angel.  After falling on my roller-skates the tension release she provided me leaves me speechless.  Thank you!!"

"Great work!  Best massage here for me ever, and I have been coming here for years."

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